Alpine plants catalog 2018
Plants are grown from seed collected by experts from around the world.
Also be collected from plants grown from seeds own rock garden and lovers from different countries
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Lewisia plants catalog 2018
Lewsia in the rock garden.
Because they do best in very well-drained, low fertility soils, they are great additions to rock gardens and scree beds and can also be successfully grown in raised beds and containers.
They grow best where humidity is low during the summer and require good air circulation around the plant’s crown to prevent fungal disease.
The blooming and growing seasons of many Lewisias is prolonged if given some afternoon shade. The best planted towards the East.
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Rhodohypoxis plants catalog 2018
These popular collections Rhodohypoxis and x Rhodoxis include our selection.
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Primula and Hosta Plant catalog 2018
These beautiful plants are one of the simple pleasures of the Alpine garden
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