Open Days 

Open garden days 2018
Saturday 12 May and Sunday 13 May
Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 June Rhodohypoxis weekend.
All open garden days open from  10.00am -  5.00pm
If you want to visit our garden, you can
You are very welcome from 1 March to 1 October. Groups are also very welcome.
We give an explanation about planting and taking care of various plants. You must make an appointment in advance. Feel free to contact us. For an appointment see contact visit on the website. We do not ask for an entrance fee
Plant markets where we stand.
21 April : De Boschhoeve.
29 April Plants market Vierakker.
5 and 6 May: Spring weekend Eibergen.
10 May: The Gentian, Wijthmen (near Zwolle).
21 May: Regional produce market, cheese farm, Lievelde
26 May: De Boschhoeve.
27, 28 and 29 July: De Uiterwaard, Gorssel. Open gardens route. www,
1 and 2 September: nursery days, Kwekerij Fahner, Deurningen.
16 September  Green Sunday Losser.